After years of dabbling here and there with my love of flowers, I am finally getting my own business off the ground. Over the years I have helped out in florists, one at a garden centre I worked in and one in the village I lived in, in Bedfordshire. I also took a little course at a village hall, anything to be near and work with flowers. I guess life got in the way of me pursuing my dream, as it does.

My other dream was to live by the sea and one morning in January 2019 I told my husband I was ready to move to Weymouth. After a quick sale, we were here by the end of April 2019 and found myself running a Guesthouse. This was fun for now but was not my dream. Then last year in July 2022, I lost my beloved Dad. Needless to say, being a total daddies girl, I was devastated. However, arranging the funeral tributes I had an epiphany, something my mum said made me rethink my life and from that moment I knew I had to start my business. I wanted this to be in honour of my dad, his name was James, Jim to all that knew him. I searched flowers with the name James in, Jamesia came up, a type of wax flower. So this year jan 2023, I went on a career course at The Cambridge flower school and Jamesia Blooms & Occasions was born.

I have been learning balloon art over the past few months and sold some great Halloween balloons. You can check out my facebook and instagram pages for anything I may not have on the website yet. Or just go to my gallery which is linked to my instagram and has all my posts there.

I love many arts and crafts and will gradually build different aspects of Jamesia Blooms. For the time being, i will concentrate mainly on Flowers and Balloons.

Please take time to look at what I have to offer, there are so many balloon ideas that it’s hard to list them all, so please give me a call if you want something specific. My portfolio will grow as I do.

Thank you for taking the time to read about me, I hope to see or hear from you soon